Current Employments

Owner & Founder -- CONS⁺RUCT
Owner & Co-Founder of Construct, a digital design solution.

June 2020 -- Present

Owner & Founder -- LATENIGHT
Owner of LATENIGHT, a brand revolving around clothing and lifestyle products.

September 2018 -- Present

Past Experiences

Design Intern -- Ogilvy
Worked and assisted on multiple projects, including work for companies like Skittles, GAC Motor, & Mannings as clients for Ogilvy. Created in-office flyers and posters that were used to communicate with other office employees.

August 2019 -- September 2019

Marketing Intern -- Mediacom
Statistical analysis, data sorting and organization, creating .ppt presentations, translating documents and presentations between English and Chinese. Market trend analysis through use of database analysis tools.

May 2017 -- August 2017

Head of Design -- eRa Eternity
Worked for eRa Artists, Design Studio for eRa Eternity. Over 160,000 subscribers on YouTube. Currently overseeing and reformulating the brand strategy and direction, as well as the visuals and image of the eSports organization. Creating visuals not only for the main branch, but for subsidiaries of the organization such as eRa Artists, as well as working with streamers, gamers and content creators working for the organization.

May 2020 -- January 2021

Graphic Designer -- FURY Global
Creating Twitter/YouTube banners and headers for eSports competitors in the eSports gaming organization. Worked on a complete brand redesign for 2020 for the brand.

May 2020 -- August 2020

Social Media Specialist -- Team Parallel
Creating Twitter/YouTube banners and headers for streamers and gamers employed within the gaming organization. Over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube.

September 2018 -- March 2019

Co-Lead Designer -- Team Synergy
Creating Twitter/YouTube banners and headers as well as other announcement related visuals, concept visuals, and brand explorations for streamers and gamers employed within the gaming organization as well as the organization's branding itself. Over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube.

July 2017 -- August 2018


Graphic Design -- OCAD University
Currently finishing my bachelor's degree in Graphic Design.

September 2016 -- Present

IB Diploma -- American International School of Guangzhou
Finished high school with an IB diploma.

Prior 2016