My name is Stanley. I am a 22 year old that found passion in the field of graphic design about 7 years ago.

After graduating High School as a IB student, I am now attending OCADU for their Graphic Design undergraduate program, to pursue my passion in becoming a Graphic Designer. I first started designing for content creators on social media websites like Twitter and YouTube back in 2013. After a year of hard work, mainly focusing in 3D social media design, I quickly expanded my scope and work variety by pushing my limits, to work in more diverse areas of design. These include illustration, 2D design, advertisement, branding, logo design, motion design, and much more. I now work as a part time freelance designer based on Twitter, where I continue to further my skills and passion.

If you want to work with me or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me by filling in the boxes below. Alternatively, you can contact me via Twitter and I will be able to get back to you much quicker.
Thank you!
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